ROae [99.00%]

eA RO emulator : account / character stat and item editor

version : 1.0.0 Final

[FOR eA 817 - v1.0.0 SVN]



# add/edit/banned user accounts = 99%

# add/edit/delete/delete all kafra storage items = 99%

# add/edit/delete/delete all character inventory items = 99%

# add/edit/delete/delete all character cart items = 99%

# delete user and and character = 99%

# edit character profile and stats = 99%

# compatibilty with eAthena 1.0.0 (RC5) = 99%

# Server Wipe (Full wipe, Zeny, Char, Item) = 99%

other function to be added on later version...

# Search Tool

# load files once, save once on exit

# Guild storage, Guilds DB, Agits

# Pet DB

snap shots :
[ user info || character profile || character inventory || character edit profile
character edit skills || add or edit items ]

[Readme || Install Guide || Contact ]

[ ROae Project Web Site || ROae v1.0.0 || ROae v1.0.0 Source || ROae Support Files ]


[FOR eA 817 - v1.0.0 SVN]



if you are having problems running the program, you might need the following file/s:

tabctrl32.ocx || mscomctrl.ocx || VB6 Runtime Library

Other eAthena Tools: Basic Configurator for eAthena v1.0.0
edit IP address, Rates and Other BASIC setting for eAthena


Q: What is eA?

A: eAthena, a RO emulator base on jAthena or Athena, some people(including me) say it is one of the best.


Q: What is RO?

A: Ragnarok Online, a MMPORPG, key word "Online RPG". goto the official sites for detailed info


Q: What ROae? Why Create/Develop ROae?

A: ROae is a user account and item editor, with this program the admin(server owner) can

easily add/edit/remove users or items from the database. and primariy to fix some character problems or item problems. With this tool server administrator can also remove old and bad accounts. Logo